Dog Grooming

What Comes With Dog Grooming Service?

Alford's Angels know that your dogs are part of your family and that you want to do everything you can to protect and care for them. Dog grooming is a key part of caring for your dog. It can help to maintain the health of your furry friend, along with saving you time. Dog grooming requires patience and time as each dog has its own needs. Puppies, dogs with behavioral concerns, or even those with a lot of fur can require skill and experience for their grooming needs. When looking for a groomer near me, you want someone that will care for your dog as much as you do.

During a dog grooming session, your dog will be brushed, bathed, and dried. Alford’s Angels will also trim your dog or clip and grind it’s nails. All the mats in your dog's fur will be “Detangled”. Your dog's ears are cleaned to get rid of any build up and the groomer checks for any signs that they are infected. Once your dog is dry, then he is trimmed, shaved, or clipped, as requested. When looking for a groomer near me, you want to make sure the groomer listens to you and communicates with you about your dog.

Most groomers trim the fur around the dog's eyes, top of their ears and the bottoms of their feet. They usually cut their nails to make sure they are at a length that is comfortable for the dog. A groomer uses professional tools to care for your dog. You do not want to use just any trimmers that you have around the house. A groomer also uses shampoo that is formulated with dogs needs in mind, especially if they have some type of skin allergy. The best groomers know how to cut your dog in a way that is specific to its breed.

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