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Dog Spa

Things to Look For in a Dog Spa

Are you in the Buffalo area and are looking for a Buffalo Bills dog groomer? Before you settle for the first dog spa that you see around Buffalo, here are a few things to consider when looking for a dog spa. 

When looking for a dog spa, the first thing you want to do is to do some research online. Check out the dog spas around the area that have high ranking reviews. It would be wise to check out several sites to see if there are particular dog groomers that are ranking high on several sites. Read through the reviews and find a few  that interest you. 

Now that you found a few that interest you, next, go check out the dog spas yourself. A clean dog spa should be at the top of your priority list. You want to make sure that the place is clean, neat, orderly and odor free. This ensures a safe and positive environment for your pet and a place that you can feel good about leaving your pet at while they are being groomed. 

While visiting a dog spa, make sure to ask questions. Ask about their credentials or ask if you can stay and watch for a bit. It is your right, and obligation as a responsible pet owner to ask any questions that you may feel appropriate. A qualified pet groomer will be able to answer any of your questions as well as have knowledge and experience in safety procedures, health and hygiene practices, dog handling techniques and first aid.

After you have visited several dog spas, now it is time to choose. Listen to your instincts and find a dog spa that you trust will make your dog and you both feel completely trusting and at ease.

If you are looking for a Buffalo Bills dog groomer, head on over to Alford’s Angels. Alford's Angels Dog Grooming and Beauty is a family owned small business located in Buffalo, New York in the heart of Kenmore! Their goal is to make the grooming experience / overall experience a PAWsitive one for all furry angels and their beloved owners.

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