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Pet Styling

At Alford's Angels Dog Grooming and Beauty, we strive to create a positive grooming experience for your furry angel. Our experienced pet stylists provide one-on-one attention, customized looks and styles tailored to the individual pup's personality and lifestyle, while using all-natural, non-toxic shampoos and conditioners to maintain their health and wellness. Plus with our add-on services, you can truly tailor the groom to keep your pup looking their best! Call 716-424-1016 today to book an appointment or use the Parent Portal App to request an appointment and give your furry angel the pampering they deserve.


Join the Alford's Angels Family

ATTENTION: Ware currently accepting new clients, subject to availability.

Please note, it will be a mandatory requirement for all new clients to leave their card details on file. This policy has been implemented due to an unfortunate increase in "no-show" appointments. In the event of a no-show, a charge will be applied to your account. For further details, please refer to our salon policies.

Click the button below and fill out your customer information today! 

After creating an account, you can now join our Pawsitive Pack  - Parent Portal

Join our PAWsitive Pack today by signing up for our Parent Portal through Pet Exec. This innovative platform is your one-stop destination for managing everything related to your furry friend's needs. Here’s what you can do with ease:

  • Update Information: Keep your pet's records current with just a few clicks.

  • Sign Contracts: Effortlessly sign and manage agreements online.

  • Request Grooming Appointments: Schedule your next visit without the hassle of a phone call.

  • Book Day & Train Packages: Explore our services and secure your pet's spot in advance.

  • Communicate With Us: Have questions or special requests? Reach out directly through the app.

Getting Started is a Breeze:

1. Download the App: Find "Pet Exec Mobile" in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and download it for free.

2. Sign Up: Use the email you've registered with us at Alford's Angels to create your account. Then, follow the prompts to set up your and your pet's profile.

3.Explore & Connect: Discover all the features and tools available at your fingertips. Managing your pet's care has never been this easy or fun!

Grooming Prices 

At Alford's Angels Dog Grooming, we're proud to offer an array of grooming services tailored to meet the unique needs of your beloved furry family member, all at competitive prices. Our BASE PRICES are designed to offer you value, but please be aware that prices can vary based on several factors including your dog’s coat type, the services you select, the current condition of their coat, the frequency of your visits, and their behavior during grooming sessions. 


Additional fees may be necessary for matting, an excessive undercoat, or extra time required due to your pet’s behavior or the state of their coat. We encourage you to reach out to us for an initial quote. It's important for us to share that while we strive to provide accurate estimates over the phone or at the time of your appointment, the final price may adjust once we have the opportunity to meet and assess your dog in person, ensuring we provide the exact care they need.

Call us today for more details on how we can pamper your furry family member. 


Below are our salon packages that can be added to your grooming service. 

Salon Menu Packages (1).png
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